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Treat your family or guests to delicious meals with our personalized home and event catering services from My Amazing Chef in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. All of our food services are based on your requests to ensure your complete satisfaction. Remember, if you want something not on our specially crafted weekly menus, then let us know so our chef can fix something especially for you.

Meals as Gifts


My Amazing Chef makes it easy for you to give thoughtful, caring gifts to those who are special to you. It is a distinctive way to say "Congratulations" or "Thinking of You" to someone you care about. A personally prepared meal is a gift everyone loves. Meals prepared by a personal chef are also ideal for:

● New moms
● Someone coming home from the hospital
● A gift for someone who has everything
● Special events
● Gift certificates
● Thank you for a job well done
● Anniversary Parties
● Birthday Parties
● Week to week meals
● Graduation parties
● Someone moves into the neighborhood
● An illness or death in a family
● A wedding or anniversary gift
● Show appreciation to a client
● Just because
● To just say “Thank you.”


Group Event Meals


My Amazing Chef works with you on the menu and we prepare all of the food for your banquet. Call us at (717) 581-0867 to cater group events. Group event catering is available for:
● Business-to-business thank you
● Office luncheons
● Company picnics
● Grand openings
● Sales events
● Business meetings
● Anniversary parties
● Garden parties
● Bridal and baby showers
● Team and event celebrations
● Private dinner parties